A logo is a company's single most valuable marketing tool. You only get one chance to make your first impression.

Every time it appears it communicates something about the product or service it represents and differentiates it from a competitor's product or service. It doesn't matter whether it's on the front of a business card or on the side of a work truck. In time it will build customer recognition and loyalty and in time it will have a bottom line value all of its own. It will have become a brand. A brand is the visual embodiment of the reputation the company has or wants to have - so it is saying exactly the right things to exactly the right people.

At Sunken Treasure Design & Marketing, our approach is just this. We concentrate on the things that really matter and apply analytical, marketing and creative expertise to achieve the ideal outcome.


"Thank you so much Michael! You went above and beyond and gave me way more than I could possibly want or imagine with this website. The sky is not a limit in this case.

I am so so happy with it. It is always great to work with talented and professional people like you Michael! God bless you and your family."

By Naza Sabriy - Naza Unique Photography

"Mike took my idea and concept for my business and created me one hell of a logo! I asked about a website and within minutes he created and published the webpage.

I would recommend anyone looking for a logo, a new branding for an existing business, webpage to contact Mike, you won't be disappointed!"

By  Michael Storeman - Freedom BBQ

"Not only did Mike design a great website for my company, he came up with an awesome logo that I am proud to display. Mike was the only one that could come up with something I actually loved!

Thank you Mike and Sunken Treasure."

By Sandy Walker - Walker Transport


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